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Rubber wear lining

Customizable for any application

Tailor-made rubber wear lining improve the lifetime of equipment, improve safety, reduce vibration and lower noise levels. Metso’s rubber lining solutions are developed in close collaboration with our customers and used in multiple different applications, especially in mining and aggregates operations.


Optimized design

Customize your rubber lining based on operating data.


Own manufacturing plants and strict quality assurance to ensure high, uniform quality.

Combine for even better performance

Rubber, metal, polyurethane, ceramics, and combinations of materials.

Decades of experience in rubber wear lining

Mining and aggregates operations are traditionally noisy and hard on equipment. Carefully selected rubber lining acts as vibration damper and noise filter reducing noise levels, cutting downtime, and increasing production throughput. 

Metso has provided first class rubber wear lining for over 50 years in operations around the world. Each grade of our wear resistant rubber is based on the experience of thousands of real-world operations in the field.

Common applications for rubber wear lining are:

  • Chute lining
  • Concrete mixers
  • Debarking drums
  • Feed lining
  • Hopper lining
  • Pelletizing drums
  • Silo lining
  • Spool lining
  • Tank lining
  • Truck bed lining
  • Tub lining
  • Washing drums
  • Any other applications subject to wear and noise

Optimal design

Metso’s rubber wear lining is designed to maximize performance and minimize downtime for maintenance.

Your lining can be customized based on operating data and production targets. In addition, it is possible to simulate the lining performance to evaluate selected configurations already in advance.


The rubber wear lining is produced in our own manufacturing plants applying strict quality assurance programs at every phase of research, development, design and production. This results in high, uniform quality for the entire supply.

Precise dimensions and close tolerances ensure that your rubber wear lining answers the required needs.

Combine for even better performance

Metso has a wide range of different types of wear lining, parts and services. In some applications, the best performance is reached with combining different materials.

Rubber, metal, ceramic, and polyurethane all have their strengths, and in an optimal operation, each material is used where it performs best. If needed, we can also mix materials to manufacture wear lining that have exactly the required capabilities.




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