Metallic wear lining

Tailored lining reduces maintenance costs

Improve uptime and throughput by using high-quality metallic wear lining with an optimized design. Our strict controls and decades of metallic lining experience ensure that you get just the right lining solution for your needs.


Optimized design

Customize your lining solution based on operating data.

Own reliable foundries

Strict quality assurance to ensure high, uniform quality.

Combine for even better performance

Metal, rubber, polyurethane, ceramics, and combinations of materials

More production and lower costs with customized metallic wear lining

Metso design, manufacture and install wear protection and bulk handling solutions for fixed plant mining operations that maximise plant efficiency, minimise downtime and deliver measurable cost savings. Our metallic wear lining solutions are manufactured in industry standard sizes or they can be tailored to suit each unique application.

Our mining and aggregates customers continually strive to improve equipment uptime in order to maximize production and reduce maintenance costs. The efficiency of an operation is strongly dependent on the performance of wear lining. It is in fact the wear lining that often dictates the shutdown frequencies. Creating the best possible lining solution that has the required wear life and can also be installed quickly and safely is challenging, and this is where Metso can assist.

Metso designs and applies metallic wear lining solutions for example to:

  • Bins, tubs and hoppers
  • Transfer chutes
  • Impact plates and spoons
  • Skip lining
  • Feeders
  • Crushers
  • Any other applications subject to wear

Optimized design

Metso’s metallic wear lining is designed with one thing in mind: to maximize performance and minimize downtime for maintenance.

A lining solution provided by Metso is optimised for flow and wear using state of the art computational simulation, including Discrete Element Modelling. This creates freedom in design and allows Metso to optimize your lining based on operating data and capacity. Using the correct type and size of metallic lining maximizes the lifetime and minimizes and aligns maintenance frequencies, minimising your downtime and improving material utilization.

Own foundries ensure consistent high quality

Most of Metso’s metallic wear linings are produced in our own foundries. The foundries apply strict quality assurance programs at every phase of research, development, design and production.

This ensures high, uniform quality for the entire supply. Precise dimensions and close tolerances guarantee that your metallic wear lining has a perfect fit.

Metso tailors our solutions and designs to your needs and our efficient service helps to improve your safety and uptime.

Our metallic lining material selection includes:

  • Chromium carbide overlay plate (CCO)
  • High and medium chromium white iron
  • Quench and tempered steels
  • Nickel chromium white irons
  • Tungsten overlay for very demanding applications
  • Cr-Mo steel
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