Conveyor belt secondary cleaners

Conveyor belt secondary cleaners

The right cleaner lasts longer

Secondary cleaners are used to remove fines from a conveyor belt. Many conveyor belts can be satisfactorily cleaned with a primary and a secondary cleaner, but in some applications an even higher efficiency is achieved by utilizing additional secondary cleaners.

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Selecting an optimal secondary cleaner

In the majority of cases, the secondary belt cleaner is positioned immediately after the head pulley with the purpose of removing the remaining fines left on the belt. Different designs and material construction are available, all with the goal of maintaining continual belt pressure and a clean surface — without damaging the belt. Many feature economical reversible designs to double wear life, and/or modular change-outs which minimize overall waste. Improved performance, maintaining belt life, and extending wear-utility all positively work toward your sustainability mission.

We recommend that a combination of primary and secondary belt cleaners be used.

Metso Outotec supplies different sizes of conveyor systems depending on the volume of material to be conveyed. Belt speed, belt size and pulley diameter all vary.

We do not classify our solutions according to industry segments, but rather according to the application within the segment. That’s because we’ve noticed 70% - 80% of conveyors used in mining are at the smaller end of the scale, even though this is where you also find some of the biggest conveyors. In other words, the application counts more than the industry.

Conveyor belt secondary cleaners - Selection quide

  1. Different secondary cleaner models are presented in the image on the left. Every cleaner is numbered and the number is the same as used in the table below. 
  2. Find the belt speed and width, and select the cleaner model that fits your requirements in the table below.
  3. If you end up with more than one option, refine your search by checking the material and application that is also presented in the table.
  4. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Metso Outotec representative

If the application temperature is above 70°C or below -30°C, the type of the belt spice is not vulcanised, or the belt is reversing instead of one-way, please contact your Metso Outotec representative.

Please note that you can contact us by using "Mining" and "Aggregates" contact forms on this page even if your application is in a different industry. 

More detailed information on belt cleaners and other conveying solutions can be found in Conveyor Solutions Handbook. Just fill in your contact information and download the free Handbook.

Secondary belt cleaner options.
Secondary belt cleaner options.

Secondary belt cleaners specifications

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