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Zinc Concentrate Direct Leaching

Zinc Concentrate Direct Leaching

Choose a highly cost-effective and efficient zinc concentrate direct leaching solution. Outotec's zinc direct leaching process enables efficient zinc and by-product recovery from a wide range of primary zinc sulfides. Direct leaching requires no investment in a roaster or acid plant, so it is especially suitable for smaller plants and plant expansions.
  • Recovers zinc as SHG ingots and by-products such as Cu, Cd, Co, Ni, In, Ga, and Ge    
  • Adapts to different feed qualities and by-product recovery demands    
  • Scales to a wide range of production capacities    
  • Enables efficient oxidation at low cost with specially designed reactors for atmospheric leaching    
  • Boasts a low CAPEX as no roaster or acid plant is needed
Zinc Concentrate Direct Leaching

This solution is Planet Positive

Planet Positive portfolio focuses on the most impactful technologies in our sustainable offering. Out of four focus areas, this solution creates value and positive impact on the following:
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