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Zinc Concentrate Direct Leaching

Zinc Concentrate Direct Leaching

Choose a highly cost-effective and efficient zinc concentrate direct leaching solution. Outotec's zinc direct leaching process enables efficient zinc and by-product recovery from a wide range of primary zinc sulfides. Direct leaching requires no investment in a roaster or acid plant, so it is especially suitable for smaller plants and plant expansions.
  • Recovers zinc as SHG ingots and by-products such as Cu, Cd, Co, Ni, In, Ga, and Ge    
  • Adapts to different feed qualities and by-product recovery demands    
  • Scales to a wide range of production capacities    
  • Enables efficient oxidation at low cost with specially designed reactors for atmospheric leaching    
  • Boasts a low CAPEX as no roaster or acid plant is needed
Zinc Concentrate Direct Leaching
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