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Zinc Calcine Leaching

Zinc Calcine Leaching

Enable efficient zinc and by-product recovery from the calcine produced in zinc sulfide roasting with Outotec's zinc calcine leaching process. The optional Outotec pure jarosite precipitation gives remarkably higher recoveries of zinc, silver, and lead than traditional calcine leaching processes.
  • Recovers zinc as an SHG ingot and by-products such as Pb, Ag, Cu, Cd, Co, Ni, In, Ga, and Ge    
  • Offers a total zinc plant solution together with Outotec's fluidized bed roasting and acid plant technologies    
  • Can be easily customized according to by-product recovery demands    
  • Enables the total recovery of Pb and Ag in the hydrometallurgical circuit and a higher recovery of zinc than in a standard jarosite process with the Outotec pure jarosite precipitation solution
Zinc Calcine Leaching
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