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Reliable and optimized dewatering solution with high volume processing for difficult tailings applications and concentrate filtration

Up to 66 chambers installed

Up to 515 m² filtration area

Up to 10 bars operating pressure

30, 40 or 50 mm chamber depth

Mechanical dewatering by pressure.
Mechanical dewatering by pressure


Metso Outotec VPA pressure filters are developed for filtration of metallic minerals, industrial minerals, coal and tailings. 


The filter has simple mechanical construction and design, with few moving parts. By using a pulling hydraulic cylinder system for closing and sealing the filter plate pack, we can provide a compact layout and a light weight support frame design. Polypropylene filter plates are used for good chemical resistance and the light weight.

Fully automatic control system

The pressure filter is controlled by a system consisting of a PLC connected to a screen. On the monitor the filter operator can follow and control the filter operation and information such as settings, statistics and alarms.


Useful features

• Lightweight polypropylene filter plates are mounted on a bolted steel frame and moved by hydraulic cylinders.

• Adjacent “filter and compression” plates form a filtration chamber. The filter cloths hang between each pair of plates. Rubber membranes are protected by the filter cloth thereby reducing wear.

• By mounting the filter on a load cell system the filtration cycle is monitored and controlled.

• Chambers are top fed for optimum filling. Two sided filtration speeds up the “filling” cycle.

• Openings for pulp, water and air are generously dimensioned to reduce energy losses and wear.

• The VPA design facilitates easy cloth changing.

• Air blow pressure 5-8 bar (73-116 psi). Membrane pressure 6-9 bar (87-131 psi)

Metso Outotec VPA pressure filters have many useful features.


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