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As particles get finer, more energy has to be introduced to separate solids and liquids. Designed to be used in demanding dewatering applications with ultra-fine, compressible, materials, Metso Outotec Tube press filters are proven to produce dry cakes, even from ultra-fine particle slurries, with less energy.

High capacity

Up to 100 bar filtration pressure

Energy efficiency

Low installed power

Superior performance

Operate on fine materials

<5 micron

Ease of maintenance

Few moving parts

Metso Outotec Tube Press - Achieve a higher degree of solid liquid separation

The Tube press is a cylindrical high pressure filter, with an operating pressure up to 100 bar. The use of high pressure enables a higher degree of separation of the solid & liquid phase. The finer the particles are, the more energy has to be introduced to separate solids and liquids. Designed to be used in demanding dewatering applications with ultra-fine compressible materials, the Metso Outotec Tube press is proven to produce dry cakes, even from ultra fine particle slurries, with less energy.

Superior performance
Porosity and cake moisture contents are significantly lower than those obtained with traditional pressure filters, consequently, filtrate recovery is high. Filtration is conducted at a pressure level where the cake is produced as a hard surface dry, lump solid. Cake handling is greatly simplified compared to traditional pressure filter cakes, which are typically paste-like and frequently surface wet. When drying is the next stage the drying energy consumption is significantly reduced, or the dryer capacity increased.

Tube press filtration rates, in terms of dry solids per m2 are much higher than for either vacuum or traditional filter presses. This results both from the pressure dependence of filtration rates as well as the operational flexibility of the Tube press, allowing operation at the optimum filtration conditions. Solid loss to the filtrate is typically extremely low, maximizing filtrate quality for downstream process or direct disposal.

Metso tube press booster
Tube press booster range

The booster is an individual drive system directly connected with the Tube press. The installation is very compact combining one motor to generate the mechanical dewatering press force.

The Booster drive is an intelligent system for small to medium scale applications in industrial filtration and/or laboratory and pilot scale installations.

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