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Feedwells have a significant influence on thickener performance. Our unique Vane Feedwell design demonstrates high performance for the thickening and clarifying industry.

Upgrades that improve performance to help you reach your sustainability targets

Reduced water and flocculant consumption


Flocculant sparger promotes efficient flocculant distribution & aggregate growth in the lower zone

Increased uptime


Designed to perform with many years of internal research, rigorous site test work and analysis

Maximized recovery


Enhanced mixing and energy dissipation remain efficient at lower than design feed rates

Unique design with 7 global patents


Various design options to accurately produce the best option for your application according to CFD analysis

  • Reduced plant operating costs
  • Reduced flocculant consumption
  • Increased underflow density
  • Higher solids throughput
  • Improved water recovery and clarity
  • Increased reagent/mineral recovery
  • Stable operation, less downtime
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Discover more about our thickener upgrade solutions to ensure optimal thickener performance.
Key considerations in thickener modernizations
Thickener modernizations can be an effective and efficient way to maximize equipment use for changing conditions and to meet sustainability requirements and performance expectations.
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