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SCAMP® railcar indexer

SCAMP® railcar indexer

Reversible hydraulic railcar positioners

Cost effective railcar mover – single operator controlled
Reversible hydraulic indexers
Process overview

Reversible hydraulic indexers can be used in two-directional applications, for up to 27,215 kilogram-force (60,000 pound-force), or applications requiring spotting accuracy of 25.4 mm (+/- 1”).  SCAMPs are usually arranged to index a string of cars one length at a time.  Units can be arranged to traverse scale platforms or to be integrated into railcar dumper platforms. Recommended for dumping up to 20 cars per hour. 


HMI User Interface Control

Scamp acquires the desired axle on a string of cars.  Car is indexed through the receiving or loading position.  Operator presses an auto acquire button on the HMI station; the carriage disengages from the first axle and automatically locates the corresponding axle of the next car.  The SCAMP locks onto this axle and repeats the process.  The entire indexing and acquisition sequence can be automated depending upon the application.



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