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RB filter​

RB filter​

Vacuum filtration

Meet the requirements of heavy-duty and high-capacity applications with RB filter​s.

Up to 40 m​ Filtration length​

Up to 170 m²​ Filtration area​

Advanced cake​ washing options​

Large variety​ of applications​


These filters are tough enough for even the highest capacities, while still bringing superior performance in separation, washing, and cake dewatering. Horizontal belt filters offer a wide variety of benefits for your process, including good cake washing, continuous and visible processing, fully automatic and flexible operation, and relatively high speeds.

  • Serves high-capacity applications
  • Saves time and costs with easy installation, operation, and maintenance
  • Offers flexibility and fully automatic operation
  • Adjusts automatically for process changes
  • Results in high availability and consistent performance
  • Offers a proven control system and diagnostics for fast troubleshooting
RB filter​
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