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Metso Outotec  Railcar dumper system upgrades

Railcar dumper system upgrades

Significantly improve reliability, maintenance efficiency, and safety

Whether old or new, we can help bring your railcar dumper system to the next level. We have a wide variety of upgrades available to get your railcar dumper performing like a modern-day machine. Explore some of the upgrade options here – however many more exist. Contact us to learn more.

Why upgrade your railcar dumper?

Upgrades help to increase equipment life

Upgrades provide additional safety for crew

Upgrades help to simplify and speed up maintenance

Incorporating modern technology without major investment

As an OEM, Metso Outotec has been designing equipment, parts, and retrofit solutions for railcar dumpers since 1905. We’ve combined the best features from our industry-leading legacy brands with modern technology to bring innovative and reliable solutions. With the use of advanced engineering tools, we ensure accurate and high-quality manufacturing that meet Metso Outotec’s strict standards and tolerances.

Whether you want to improve maintenance efficiency, safety, or equipment reliability, we have you covered. Discover our range of custom-engineered upgrades for your:

  • Dumper cage and clamp
  • Trunnion assemblies
  • Drive units and hydraulic systems
  • Electrical, instrumentation, and controls
Metso railcar dumper cage and clamps
Railcar dumper cage & clamps

Extend the life of your railcar dumper by upgrading to rolled T end rings. Protect your equipment and rolling stock by conversion to breakaway dumber car clamps, UHMW wear strips on your blocking and addition/upgrade of buffers for railcar dumper rotation.

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Railcar dumper trunnion assemblies

Upgrade to a dual, triple or quad wheel trunnion design to increase your end ring, rail, and trunnion wheel life. Innovative design minimizes downtime through quicker and safer maintenance.

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Metso railcar trunnion assemblies upgrades
Metso Railcar dumper drive units and hydraulic systems upgrades
Railcar dumper drive & hydraulic units

Improve your safety and availability with drive and hydraulic upgrades. Options include: raising dumper drives units to track level, converting to dual drives, installing a spindle operated dumper latch, relocating hydraulic manifolds and check valves to the rear side of the dumper, and moving hydraulic power units off-board.

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Electrical, instrumentation & controls

From upgrading individual sensors to a complete electrical, instrumentation and controls (EI&C) package, many upgrade options exist to maximize throughput and ensure smoother operation. Improve railcar dumper system diagnostics and/or make advanced controls more operator friendly.

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