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O-Series crusher spare parts

The right balance of convenience and reliability at a lower cost

O-Series crusher spares are the ideal combination of value, quality and function. Offered to our customers who need a cost-sensitive alternative to our premium spares but want the value and security that only the OEM can provide.

What you can expect from O-Series crusher spares

Reliable spare parts at an affordable cost


The right balance between performance, affordability and reliability to keep you in control of your operation.

Crusher spares for any need


A wide range of spare part options to ensure a perfect fit with your crusher.

High availability and global support


Getting the spare parts you need on time is essential to avoid costly downtime with our worldwide distribution centers.

  • Guaranteed fit and form
  • Warranted free from defect
  • Affordability and quality to match the price
  • Operational spares at an economic price
  • Eliminates the use of non-OEM spares

Save money and run a more optimized operation

The O-Series crusher spares are developed with strong OEM know-how and understanding that not all customers value the same aspects of spare parts. The O-Series crusher spare parts help customers save money and run a more optimized operation. O-Series crusher spares are warranted* spare parts and backed by Metso Outotec’s world-class service and support systems.

The O-Series spares offering centers around operational spares that can consume budgets and cause hardships when the crusher is down.  The O-Series spare parts are available for customers who want OEM benefits in their crusher spares but at a price that makes sense for their operations.  O-Series spares are fully backed and endorsed by Metso Outotec and provide a value to our customers that are unmatched by a global OEM.

O-Series spare parts include some of the most important operational spares you can use in your Metso Outotec crusher. With a commitment to ensure that O-Series spares will grow with our customers, new parts are being added regularly so customers can rely on Metso Outotec to provide quality affordable parts.

Why are O-Series spares cheaper than our Premium spares?

The simple answer is these spares are designed to fit and perform for your operation. However, through research, engineering and subtle design differences, they are a “fit for function” part. Metso Outotec understands that not all jobs require parts to last for many years. Some jobs are finite, or contract-based, and spare parts for these jobs need to be affordable but also be dependable to ensure the crusher will not be harmed or the warranty voided.


Operational spares included in the O-Series offering HP 200 through 500

  • Tramp release cylinders
  • Clamping cylinders
  • Eccentric bushings
  • Socket liners
  • Sockets
  • Upper head bushings
  • Lower head bushings
  • Thrust plates
  • Countershaft box bushings
  • Main frame pins
  • Main frame pin bushings
  • Main frame seat liners

Additional parts are regularly added

*EPS warranty not in O-Series scope

O-Series spares offer you the right fit at the right price point
Get a copy of the O-Series crusher spares brochure here

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