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neutralization plant

This solution is Planet Positive

Planet Positive portfolio focuses on the most impactful technologies in our sustainable offering. Out of four focus areas, this solution creates value and positive impact on the following:
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The starting point for every solution is a thorough analysis of the process requirements by our world-class water experts. Based on this analysis and indepth discussions with the customer, we can develop a concept that meets the requirements of their specific application.

The proposed concept is then modeled using our proprietary simulation software in order to verify its process performance and identify areas for optimization. The next step is to verify the suitability of the concept with lab testing before evaluating its technical and economic feasibility.

How the Metso Outotec Neutralization Plant works

The Metso Outotec Neutralization Plant provides a flexible process based on simple, understandable chemistry. It is suitable for a variety of mine, process, and effluent applications. The process includes advanced removal of metal impurities such as Fe, Mg, Ni, Cd, Cu, and Zn as metal hydroxides. The final products are treated water with a low residual metal concentration – which can be recycled for use in other processes or discharged to the environment – and stable, solid precipitate.

The plant uses Metso Outotec OKTOP® reactors for chemical precipitate formation, Metso Outotec thickeners for solid/liquid separation, and Metso Outotec filters for polishing as an additional safeguard. The modular plant is fully configurable according to the customer’s process requirements and can be enhanced with further process steps such as solids dewatering, which can be directly connected to the treatment chain.

Other enhancements include, for example, complete dosing systems for treatment chemicals such as coagulants and flocculants and pressure and vacuum-belt filters for sludge handling.

To complement the core offering, Metso Outotec can provide a full range of complementary services, including process assessment, laboratory and pilotscale testing and analysis, and remote monitoring and support.

neutralization plant
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