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Mill reline machines

Industry leading safety and operational efficiency

The mill relining process can be costly, highly dangerous and create unnecessary downtime for your operation. Metso Outotec Mill reline machines provide the highest level of safety and ease of operation with reduced downtime for maximum operational efficiency.

Industry leading safety

Only OEM to meet International Crane Standards (ISO)


Future-proof design

Advanced sensor network, smart features and adaptable to future upgrades


Ease of operation

Unique design functions and smart features


Unmatched service support

Comprehensive global service network

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Metso Outotec's mill reline equipment achieves excellence in mill relining. Watch the animation to see how!

Industry leading safety and efficiency

Metso Outotec mill reline machines (MRMs) are specialized equipment for mechanically assisting the highly dangerous, challenging, and time-consuming task of replacing the steel lining systems inside grinding mills. They are equipped with a wide range of industry-leading features that make the relining process as safe and efficient as possible.


Metso Outotec MRMs are designed and manufactured in accordance with international crane standards that cover everything from structural safety factors and hydraulic performance to control system functionality. As a result, they can be CE, EAC, or CSA certified, as well as customized according to country-specific requirements. All Metso Outotec MRMs are manufactured in-house at our state-of-the-art, ISO-certified facilities, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

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Industry leading safety

Metso Outotec mill reline machines provide the highest level of safety in the mining industry. 

  • Only OEM to meet International Crane Standards (ISO)
  • Safety control systems in place to ensure machine stability, predictable functionality and self-collision mitigation
  • Maximizing operator safety through remote controlled operation, load-monitoring and hydraulic liner cart rotation
Future-proof design

With our advanced sensor network and safety PLC, our mill reline machine provides the latest smart features and is fully compatible with future upgrades to continually improve operator safety and reline efficiency.

  • Advanced suite of safety sensors for diagnostics and reliable fault detection
  • Multi-language HMI screen with status information, maintenance assistance and data logging
  • Plug-and-play spare part replacement to minimize downtime
  • Optional online connection for remote assistance and reline optimization
  • Compatible with future software upgrades to enable new and innovative features
Unmatched services support

As your service partner, we ensure that every solution has the maximum impact on performance and  productivity throughout your mill’s entire life cycle.

  • Full mill reline equipment packages including mill reline machines, feed chute transporters, bolt hammers, and support tooling
  • Equipment inspection, maintenance, and training services
  • Remote troubleshooting support
  • OEM spare parts and spare parts advisory services and easy online parts identification and ordering 


Mill reline equipment portfolio

Metso Outotec has a complete offering of mill reline equipment to ensure maximum ease of operation. Check out our other equipment below:


Mill Reline Machines technical specifications


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