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Grinding mill upgrades

For better production, reliability safety, and maintenance

Whether old or new, we can help bring your grinding mill to the next level. We have a wide variety of upgrades available to get your mill performing like a modern-day machine. Explore some of the upgrade options for different mills here – however many more exist. Contact us to learn more.

Why upgrade your grinding mill?

Upgrades help you ramp up capacity

Upgrades help to increase equipment life

Upgrades provide additional safety for crew

Upgrades help to simplify and speed up maintenance

Incorporating modern technology without major investment

Metso Outotec supplied their first grinding mill back in the late 1950s. Since then, we’ve delivered and serviced over 8,000 grinding mills globally, including some of the largest and most powerful mills in the world.

The mining industry has changed a lot since then, including your operations. With over 150 of experience, we’ve learned that every mining operation has a unique grinding process and varying needs.

As your goals have evolved, so has Metso Outotec’s technology and offering. Our team of grinding experts have curated many retrofit and upgrade solutions to achieve benefits such as increased capacity, improved energy efficiency, higher power, maintenance efficiency, better reliability, and more.
Gear guard upgrade
Gear guard upgrade

Contamination, extreme heat, and insufficient lubrication all pose risks to your gears and pinions. If not prevented, these will cause accelerated wear and decreased operating life.

Ensure the health and longevity of your gears, with a gear guard upgrade. This includes support columns for safer maintenance, a gear spray system for optimal lubrication, infrared monitoring to track health, and a pressured and sealed system to prevent contamination.

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Trunnion bearing lubrication systems
Maintaining oil temperature, flow, and cleanliness is vital for the health of your mill. If not controlled, fluctuations can shorten the life of key components.

Extend bearing and trunnion life with an automatic lubrication system. Our retrofit ensures that oil temperature, flow, and cleanliness is maintained with a custom-sized reservoir, filtration system and heat exchanger, as well as temperature, flow, and pressure instrumentation.
Trunnion bearing lubrication systems
Inching drive upgrade
Inching drive upgrade
Positioning and rotating a loaded mill can be difficult. If not performed correctly, your equipment and team can be put at risk.

An inching drive slowly rotates your mill to ensure safety throughout maintenance work and prevent a dropped charge. Our retrofit includes a custom designed drive and power unit, safety interlock system and accessory kits to make the inching drive portable and adaptable to suit all your mills.
Locked charge detection system
Dropped charge, also known as frozen or locked charge, happens when solidified material inside a horizontal grinding mill doesn’t cascade during rotating at start-up. Instead, the charge is lifted and then free falls onto the mill shell.

A locked charge detection system can be used to prevent a dropped charge and structural damage to your mill. Our retrofit includes a pinion shaft encoder that measures mill velocity and position at start-up, as well as a control panel with a program logic to disengage the clutch when a locked charge is detected.

Locked charge detection system
Vertimill® door actuator.
Vertimill® door actuator
Removing charge from your Vertimill® can be a slow and risky process, even when using a ball bin and unbolting the door.

Metso Outotec’s door actuator upgrade helps you open your stirred mill door in a controlled way for safer and more efficient maintenance. The hydraulically operated actuator has a symmetrical design and is simple to install with minimal modification to your mill.

Trunnion liner upgrade

Our trunnion liner upgrade replaces the existing single piece feed and discharge end trunnion liners with a two-piece design.  The new design has proven to improve trunnion liner reliability, durability, and maintainability of the mill trunnion linings and bearings.

The main lining acts as a sleeve insert that is secured in the trunnion by a retaining ring.  Dividing the trunnion liner into two pieces enables better distribution of the loading conditions.  The improved load conditions reduce stress on the trunnion and fasteners to extend product durability and optimizes wear components.

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Trunnion liner upgrade
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