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Enabling optimization through sense

Receive consistent information from your flotation process 24 hours a day. The FrothSense Sensor System measures essential properties of froth appearance, including froth speed, direction, bubble size, froth stability, and froth color.

It also provides statistical data related to these variables. Froth property measurements, together with on-stream analyzer assays, enable efficient and robust strategies to be put in place for advanced flotation process control, using a system such as Metso Outotec ACT.

  • Provides consistent information for operators to control and optimize flotation processes
  • Helps stabilize the process using froth properties in process control
  • Enables fully automatic operation and consistent performance
  • Offers convenient monitoring with live video streaming from the froth cameras to the control room
  • Features simple installation, operation, and maintenance
rothSense Sensor System


The FrothSense Sensor System is a tool for froth surface analysis providing real-time measurements and statistics on:

  • Froth speed and direction
  • Bubble size distribution
  • Froth stability
  • Froth color (RGB and CIE-LAB)
  • Missing overflows at froth lip – error detection

A typical installation has several froth imagers mounted on top of flotation machines. The imagers feature an advanced power over Ethernet (PoE) solution that makes it possible to transmit all data and power for both the camera and the LED lights with just one standard Ethernet cable. The imagers are networked through Metso Outotec FrothSense Connection Cabinets to the FrothSense Analysis Server, which runs the necessary machine vision algorithms and acts as an interface to the plant automation network using OPC.

In order to fully utilize the real-time froth analyses, the system is accompanied by ACT, our advanced process control system. ACT simplifies froth speed control for the camera-equipped flotation machines, and can even help to build a comprehensive grade-recovery system for the optimization of the entire flotation circuit.

Advantages include:

  • High-quality digital network cameras
  • A lightweight system, allowing easy handling and installation
  • Simple cabling – just one cable for all data and power, for both imager and lights
  • Central data analysis on the FrothSense Analysis Server

In addition to online analyses, the captured image data can be saved for future use. This feature is especially useful in process studies or if the need arises to develop new algorithms.

Check the video
Real-time measurement of several essential froth properties

Flotation upgrades

The trend towards larger flotation cell volumes, which is in part being driven by the increasing pressure on concentrators to reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs, has resulted in an increasing need to be able to control the cell-specific mass pull – the velocity at which concentrate is removed from the cell. A smaller froth surface area to cell volume ratio can result in your process being more sensitive to material feed changes and ore grades, among other factors. Traditionally, flotation plant operators have relied on visual assessments of froth appearance when making operational decisions. As operators’ interpretations can vary greatly from shift to shift, this can lead to inconsistent process results.

Metso Outotec FrothSense™ – one of the few non-invasive froth stability measurement devices available – solves this challenge by providing accurate data around the clock to advanced process control systems such as Metso Outotec ACT, which can be utilized to maintain a steady mass pull. It can work in conjunction with other Metso Outotec control solutions to maintain steady KPIs and generate data that can be used by your engineering team to maintain process reliability and support continuous improvement.

The system measures several essential froth properties, including speed, direction, bubble size, stability, and color, while also providing statistical data related to these variables. The combination of measured properties and on-line analyzer assays allows you to develop efficient and robust strategies for advanced flotation process control using a system such as Metso Outotec ACT. Metso Outotec FrothSense also provides high-quality live video streams from the froth cameras directly to the control room.


  • Froth imagers
  • Connection cabinets
  • Analysis server
  • Metso Outotec FrothSense and Metso Outotec ACT software license
  • Automatic froth speed control software
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