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Our flotation bearing unit refurbishment service is a sustainable way to transform your equipment to perform like new providing years of dedicated service and production. Our team of experts meticulously inspect, disassemble, and replace all damaged components and update obsolete parts to optimize the performance of your bearing.

Flotation services to help you achieve your sustainability and production targets

Lower environmental impact


Refurbishments significantly reduce material requirements when compared with the procurement of new equipment

Significant cost savings


Up to 70-80% cost saving over the cost of new equipment

New warranty


We offer a standard factory warranty on all refurbished parts and workmanship 

Extend life


Our refurbishment service can significantly extend the life of unreliable, aging equipment


Your bearing will be refurbished using OEM parts to ensure optimal restoration backed by our technical support providing a cost-effective alternative to secure a long-term solution for your equipment.

  • Standard factory warranty
  • Lower lifecycle costs
  • Extends equipment lifetime
  • Sustainable operations support
  • System compatibility
Flotation Bearing Unit Refurbishment

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