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Edmeston SX® Sulfuric Acid Steel

The Edmeston SX® system comprises equipment for the absorption stage of a sulfuric acid plant, manufactured using Edmeston SX® our proprietary acid-resistant stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance over a wide concentration range at high temperatures. It has significant advantages over other alloys and traditional materials like cast iron, including superior equipment lifetime, low maintenance requirements, and ease of fabrication.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance over a wide concentration range
  • Superior equipment lifespan and minimal maintenance
  • Clean acid-free from corrosion products
  • Lightweight speeds up installation and reduces the need for foundation work


Edmeston SX® sulfuric acid steel is fully austenitic stainless steel material and particularly suitable for use in the following applications:

•  Acid piping and fittings
•  Acid distributors  
•  Acid coolers
•  Absorption towers & pump tanks
•  Strainers, mesh pads, inserts, thimbles etc.
•  Welding materials
•  Edmeston SX® Raw Materials
•  Edmeston SX® for Nitric Acid



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