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Dual Media (DM) Filter

Dual Media (DM) Filter

Polishing filtration

Cost efficient, reliable and proven filter for high-capacity, polishing applications

10 different​ filter sizes​

Reduces entrained​ organic and particulates​ to a level of few ppm​

Low operating​ pressure, low​ operating cost​

Fully automatic​ operation​


Our filter relies on the proven dual-media concept and can be delivered as an integral part of our solvent extraction and electrowinning (SX-EW) technology or as a stand-alone solution.

  • Uses SX-EW technology expertise
  • Offers high-quality filtration
  • Gives you low operating costs
  • Enables fully automatic operation
  • Has high capacity and expandability
  • Results in minimal maintenance costs 
arox DM dual-media electrolyte filter
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