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Get outstanding process performance with optimally low operating costs. The unique design of the CC filter uses a disc of microporous ceramic sectors instead of conventional filter cloths.

Up to 144 m²​ filtration area​

Near absolute ​vacuum ​operating pressure​

Lowest Energy ​Consumption Filter​

Typical process​ sizing 1000 kg/m²​


Capillary action within the micropores creates a high suction that causes cake formation on the disc surface and ensures an extremely clear filtrate.

  • Prevents air penetrating the wet filter plate
  • Requires very low energy consumption – typically less than 0.5 kW/m²
  • Achieves a high vacuum level (0.95 bar at sea level) due to low air leakage
  • Results in over 95% availability and optimally low operating costs
Metso Outotec CC filter
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The Metso Outotec Filtration Services team strives to deliver the best possible availability, performance and quality whilst optimizing costs. Our filtration solutions aim to eliminate environmental and societal risks at our customer operations. Our filtration experts ensure safety and quality are built into everything we do from R&D and engineering to parts and services.

Filtration upgrades to help achieve your sustainability and production targets

Faster, easier maintenance
Increased filter availability
Improved safety
Minimized downtime
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