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BSE Series™ screens

Banana deck screen with elliptical motion designed to optimize high-moisture screening

Metso Outotec BSE Series™ banana screens are high-capacity screens designed for difficult screening applications. They use elliptical motion with 6G acceleration that eliminates blinding and plugging in high-moisture screening.
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Increased throughput

Elliptical motion in combination with 6G

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Sustainable productivity

Best technology to replace wet screening in regions with long rainy seasons

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Expert support

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This solution is Planet Positive

Planet Positive portfolio focuses on the most impactful technologies in our sustainable offering. Out of four focus areas, this solution creates value and positive impact on the following:
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Less water consumption

Reducing or eliminating the use of water in the screening process is a growing need for many mining companies. However, removing the process water is a challenge, especially as many plants are located in rainy zones and process ore with a high percentage of moisture.

Metso Outotec, in partnership with its customers, has proven that it is possible to adopt a natural moisture screening process. When the mineral processing does not require water processing for ore upgrading, the BSE screening technology eliminates the use and storage of water and leads to a reduction in energy consumption – thanks to the removal of pulp handling equipment (e.g. pumps, dewatering equipment thickeners).

Less water consumption

It also reduces other costs, including maintenance and the need to build tailings dams. The elimination of water processing ultimately helps to reduce the potential risk of contaminating the flora and fauna around the mine.

elliptical screen
High capacity

The BSE Series screens with elliptical motion, 6G acceleration, and exciter box are patented equipment. This unique elliptical motion screen design with the well-known box exciter technology enables the construction of large screen sizes, such as 3.6x14.6m (12’x48’). Large screens can lower the construction cost of the screening building structure.

Elliptical motion combines the advantages of circular and linear motion, and particles receives forces in all directions. Elliptical motion and the high transport speed eliminate efficiently blinding and pegging.

Reliable design

All BSE screens are equipped with ML80 or 100 box exciters which enables acceleration up to 6G. Oil-lubricated gear box exciters is well known in the business. The exciters are easily accessible on top of the screen, facilitating removal and maintenance. A reliable solution in combination with easy maintenance offers increased safety.

BSE Screen

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Press release
Metso Outotec’s sustainable screening technology to iron ore project – Unique solution eliminates water consumption in the screening process
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