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Benefit from the flexible design of the Metso Outotec Ausmelt® TSL (top submerged lancing) Furnace for pyrometallurgical processing, part of the Metso Outotec Ausmelt® TSL process range.

Ausmelt® TSL Furnace

The furnace configurations range from fully insulated – comprising a steel shell lined with refractories – to intensively cooled, which uses Metso Outotec cooling elements to ensure the containment of the molten furnace contents. The furnace may also be integrated with a waste heat boiler for high temperature operations to maximize energy recovery from the process off-gases.

  • Boasts a competitive capital cost with simple furnace construction and standard ancillary equipment    
  • Has a small furnace footprint – suitable for sites with limited space    
  • Requires less ancillary equipment than alternative technologies    
  • Has low fugitive gas and dust emissions as furnace is a stationary, well-sealed vessel operating under negative pressure
  • Made to a flexible design – allows solution to be tailored to your process and individual needs
Ausmelt® TSL Furnace
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