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Process iron ore fines efficiently with flexible AusIron smelting reduction process for ironmaking, a unique solution developed from Metso Outotec's Ausmelt Top Submerged Lance (TSL) technology.

The AusIron process is capable of producing hot metal from a variety of iron-bearing materials while using locally available coal in a single reactor.

  • Allows iron ore fines to be processed without the need for agglomeration processes such as pelletizing or sintering    
  • Offers high flexibility for iron feedstocks and coal grades    
  • Uses heat recovered from the furnace and off-gas to produce steam for electric power generation (with approximately 60 MW surplus available for export), making it almost independent from the external power supply    
  • Lowers investment costs through a single reduction and smelting process unit for the production of hot metal directly from an iron source    
  • Reduces operating costs through low-cost raw materials
AusIron process
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