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ASTER™ Process

Improve water balance around your BIOX® sites for a more cost-effective metallurgical operation

The ASTER™ process was developed to deliver an improved and integrated water balance for re-use in BIOX applications. This simple technology has proven to be an effective process for degradation of tailings dam water at thiocyanate concentrations up to 4 g/L and free cyanide levels as high as 50 mg/L.
  • Allows efficient thiocyanate and cyanide removals to ≤ 0.2 mg/L    
  • Optimizes microorganism performance for tailings feeds containing 4000 mg/L thiocyanate and 50 mg/L cyanide    
  • Offers robust technology that is suitable for remote locations    
  • Has low capital and operating costs    
  • Gives peace of mind with our experienced team that provides ongoing technical support

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