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Activated Carbon (AC) filter

Advanced recovery, compact design

Designed to remove organics in battery metals, the Activated Carbon (AC) filter is based on nearly a century of experience and strengthens the Metso Outotec filtration portfolio even further with its cost effective and modular design, increasing recovery and recycling of valuable process chemicals.

4 different filter sizes

Reduces entrained organic to a level of few ppm

Low operating pressure, low operating cost

Fully automatic operation

  • Utilizes the already proven cost-effective, modular design and operation philosophy as in the Metso Outotec DM filter product family
  • Low energy consumption due to low pumping pressure
  • Increases the quality and intake of the plant’s end product
  • Suitable for both greenfield and brownfield operations
  • Increases recovery and recycling of valuable process chemicals
  • Safe to use and operate due to sealed pressure vessel and piping

AC filter is used to remove organics in battery metals processes. It strengthens the existing Metso Outotec filtration portfolio with the capability to serve a larger variety of industries and processes. Together with the Dual Media (DM) filter, Metso Outotec now has a complete filtration portfolio for solvent extraction (SX), electrowinning and crystallization processes.

AC filter becomes an ideal choice when the solution is already free from suspended solids and when a very clean solution filtrate is needed. It is also used for raffinates, when a very clean solution is needed to follow SX steps in order to ensure that the remaining solvents and reagents from previous extraction step do not pass to the following step.

AC filter installation for product solution
AC filter installation for raffinate

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