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slurry pump 3d models

3D models for Metso Outotec slurry pumps

Easy integration into your plant
The most common Metso Outotec pumps and pump configurations have been made available in 3D for easy integration into your plant layout drawings. Bareshaft pump models as well as pump assemblies with motor and drive are available to be downloaded in .stp file format.

User's guide: How to read the filenames?

Horizontal pumps

HM, HR, and HH - Orion series heavy duty

H-range slurry pumps are designed for the most arduous industrial slurry pumping applications. Available in hard metal HM, rubber lined HR or high head HH versions, the excellent hydraulic design guarantees maximum efficiency throughout the life of the wear parts.

MM - Orion series mining duty

M-range slurry pumps are designed for abrasive duties and medium heads associated with general plant transfer applications. The excellent hydraulic design guarantees maximum efficiency throughout the life of the wear parts.

MDM, MDR - Metso MD series mill discharge

Designed for efficient operation and long wear life in grinding mill circuits where high density slurries are often encountered. Available in hard metal MDM and rubber lined MDR versions. The rugged wet-end parts feature heavy sections at points of extreme wear resulting in better performance and lower maintenance cost.

Vertical pumps

VS - Sala series vertical sump

Strong, tough and the most reliable pumps on the market. For this reason, this range is preferred throughout the world by most mining, aggregate and industrial industries. Available also as VSMM version providing larger diameter impellers designed for slower speeds (lower wear rates) and higher head capability.

Examples of horizontal pumps and vertical pumps naming conventions below. Downloadable files can be viewed by clicking on "+" next to a respective pump type.

Please note that the graphic files and dimensions of equipment are indicative and subject to change. It is advisable to always contact Metso Outotec experts to verify the exact pump specifications.  

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