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Dec 7, 2022

Why a single conical section hydrocyclone maximizes performance and uptime

Ben Klein
Ben Klein
Global Product Manager, Hydrocyclones
The unique, single conical component section hydrocyclone has proven to deliver not only performance benefits, but also increase uptime due to the ease of installation and maintenance. Read on in this blog to learn more about the advantages of this design feature.
Watch the video to see the ease of maintenance for a single conical section hydrocyclone.

Installation and maintenance - Maximizing uptime with simplicity

The main purpose of hydrocyclones is the classification of wet material. They are typically built using segmented conical sections. A segmented design allows for customization of shape and materials of construction. But there is now a unique and simpler design approach where the hydrocyclone utilizes a single component conical section.

Hydrocyclones that use a single component conical section utilize the idea of ’design simplicity.’ There are only two sets of bolts: One set that connects the conical section to the head assembly, and another set that mounts the conical section to the APEX. Both sets use the same bolt size making them easily interchangeable. Also, there is only one hand tool required for installation and maintenance compared to the requirement of multiple tools for a variety of bolts like in a segmented conical section.

And with one piece to install or replace, reducing downtime comes naturally with the need to only perform one action with the single component instead of multiple segments.

Boosting cost efficiency in classification and downstream

Installation and maintenance benefits mentioned above are driving cost efficiency as well. A lightweight material does not mean that you are sacrificing wear life. As the material is durable to handle even the most heavy-duty application needs. This will reduce the costs associated with wear part replacements. And with ease of maintenance and installation, less resources and tools are required to perform such replacement tasks.

With higher classification efficiency, downstream equipment can improve product grade and recovery while simultaneously saving costs related to replacement components from the need to process more waste material. Also, there can be larger energy savings, as the circulating load in the grinding circuit will be reduced to process the same tonnage.

Maximizing performance

Installation and maintenance are important to minimize unnecessary downtime, but the other important part is the hydrocyclone performing to maximize classification efficiency. The single conical section component has demonstrated to do so in a wide range of applications.

With a single conical section, the unique shape accelerates the speed of particles that are flowing through the hydrocyclone. This improves centrifugal classification, which means the coarse particles will report better towards the inside walls of the conical section and the fines will remain in the center. This will promote a sharper particle separation, resulting in higher classification efficiency.

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