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Apr 4, 2018

Watch our on-demand webinar series on sustainable tailings and water management

In early 2018 Outotec specialists held a three-part webinar series on sustainable tailings and water management in minerals processing. The webinars were recorded and are available to watch on-demand on our website. You need to sign up to watch the sessions, but the good news is it’s easy – and free. You’ll also be able to access to all our previous webinars and get notifications when new ones are scheduled.
On-demand webinar
Figure 1. D.Eng. Piia Suvio (left) and MSc.Eng. Saara Hagnäs (right) ready to start the webinar on process water recycling and treatment in minerals processing.

Tailings management in minerals processing is a complex issue that encompasses the technology used to dewater the tailings, materials handling, and water management, as well as the design and risk management of the tailings storage facility (TSF). The first webinar in the series introduced thickening, and this was followed by sessions on tailings filtration and dry stacking, and process water recycling and treatment.

Below you will find the descriptions and direct links to the webinars.

Part 1: Introduction to tailings thickening in minerals processing (30 min)

Presenter: Jason Palmer, Sales Director, Surface Tailings Solutions

Jason reviews the basics of thickener operation and equipment selection, and then expands the concept to discuss the transport and deposition of thickened tailings. Controls and automation can significantly improve the performance of a thickener plant, keeping the outputs as close as possible to the design while maximizing water recovery and minimizing flocculant consumption. The session finishes with a view from the operator’s perspective, including strategies for consistent performance and tips for avoiding process disturbances.

Part 2: Introduction to tailings filtration and dry stacking in minerals processing (38 min)

Presenter: Toni Kuisma, Sales Manager, Surface Tailings Solutions Toni briefly reviews the drivers and options for sustainable tailings management before discussing tailings filtration and dry stacking in more detail using the example of the Outotec Dry Tailings Plant. Understanding the material’s properties is essential to optimize the compaction process, control the filling process, drain the tailings stack and plan its geometry, and control the stability of the tailings stack during its life cycle.

Part 3: Introduction to process water recycling and treatment in minerals processing (36 min)

Presenters: Piia Suvio, Director, and Saara Hagnäs, Product Manager, Industrial Water Treatment

While water recycling in a mineral processing plant can significantly increase the amount of water available for processing, it results in an increase in the constituents present in the water. This in turn leads to an accumulation of impurities that can impact metal recovery within flotation processes. Piia begins by introducing the drivers for and challenges of process water recycling in minerals processing before discussing the results from two case studies. Saara then describes the basic principle of the flotation process and the effects of recycled water on the process and metals recovery before introducing a modular water treatment solution for processing plants that solves these challenges.

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