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Apr 20, 2018

How to cut costs and extend pump life

Jalaj Modi
Jalaj Modi
Assistant Manager, Marketing & Communication, India & APAC
Did you know it’s possible to extend the operational life of your pumps while reducing costs? With every project, our focus is not only to supply pumps, but also to work closely with customers to optimize their selection to meet specific performance targets, looking for ways to increase uptime and wear life. This allows plants to lower operating costs considerably in the long run, with an option that best suits their needs.
Metso rubber lined pump

Selecting the right pump

Our range of horizontal and vertical heavy-duty slurry pumps for abrasive pumping applications is one of the most comprehensive in the world. We work closely with our customers, to carefully analyze their plant, then propose the best pumps for the job. In addition to our heavy-duty slurry pumps and hose systems, we also have a portfolio including crushing and screening equipment to optimize plant uptime.

This is what turned into a winning approach for Jindal SAW Limited (JSL) plant in Bhilwara, India, an area rich in magnetite deposits but low in quality ore. Although JSL’s special beneficiation process had enabled the company to produce good-quality ore pellets, this led to excessive wear on the plant’s slurry pumps.

Initially, JSL used our hard metal HM pumps that were part of a larger equipment delivery. Although performance was fine after installation, the new pumps wore out in only two months due to an unusually high percentage of silica in the slurry, causing extreme wear to the pump casings. 

Increasing uptime and wear life

Thorough investigation of the problem opened a variety of options on how to help JSL plant extend the wear life of its slurry pumps. One possibility was to replace the metal casings of the pumps with rubber-lined HR casings to eliminate wear problems caused by the high-silica slurry. The other option was to replace all the pumps with another make, which would have been a huge cost for JSL.

Following our recommendations of changing the metal casing with rubber casing, resulted in enhanced life of the pump, saving JSL a considerable amount of money.

We see product development as a vital part of the work in which a supplier focuses on ways to help customers increase the uptime of their processes and extend the wear life of critical components. And it is especially valuable if your supplying partner can consider and present various options that enable customers to choose the one best suited to reach their desired targets.

Lowering operating costs

The performance of the HR slurry pumps has far exceeded the owner’s expectations. Because details matter, the solution selected provided JSL with increased uptime, much longer component life and cut more than 50% in operational costs over the lifetime of their pumps.  A bond of trust was established during the process, thanks to our proactive ability to offer the plant a range of effective options and solutions. As proof of this trust, JSL has decided to rely on expertise, advanced technology and innovative solutions for future expansion projects.  

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