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Sep 15, 2021

Service Tip - NP impact crusher terminology

In the instruction manual of the NP horizontal shaft impact crusher, certain terms are used to describe components and operations. To ensure those terms are properly understood, let's take a look at their meaning:
Nordberg series impact crusher
Nordberg series impact crusher
Cut image of NP impact crusher
Cut image of NP impact crusher

Feed : Material entering into the crusher to be crushed


Feed size (D) : The size of a block is gauged visually by its three main dimensions: length, diameter (D) and width. Feed size is the diameter of the largest block in the feed.


Maximum feed size : Maximum feed size must not exceed values from below table.

Feed opening (FO) : the opening through which the material enters the impact crusher.


Feed crossing (FC) : effective opening of the crusher to allow the feed material going through.


Product size : Size of the material after being crushed.


Crushing chamber (C) : internal volume of the crusher limited by the breaker plates, liners and rotor.


Crusher settings (S1) (S2) : is the smallest distance between breaker plate liners and rotor blow bars when aligned. Consult the crusher manual for first breaker plate adjustment (S1) linked with second breaker plate adjustment (S2).


Blow Bars (H) : wear parts mounted on the rotor (R) hitting the material in the crushing chamber.


Breaker plate liners (BPL) : wear parts assembled on the breaker plates (BP) on wich material break up.

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