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Environmental operations

Aiming for a smaller environmental footprint 

Developing our environmental efficiency is a continuous process. Sustainable use of resources underpins the long-term success of our business. A global operating environment brings opportunities and risks that we must recognize throughout our value chain. By increasing the eco-efficiency of our production, we are able to reduce our overall environmental footprint and achieve cost savings.​

Among the main aspirations of our sustainability strategy Metso Outotec aims at increasing environmental efficiency in customer operations and decreasing the environmental footprint of our own operations.  The environmental impacts of our own operations consist of energy consumption, atmospheric emissions, water consumption and waste generation. These impacts are created through operational activities in our manufacturing sites, research centers and laboratories, service centers. We also have processes to follow and targets to reduce the indirect environmental impacts of the external activities such as procurement and logistics.

We strive for environmental efficiency in our own operations in all areas. However, energy efficiency being one of the most essential, we have set new CO2 targets for our operations. We want to halve our emissions by 2024 and be net zero by 2030. This target is aligned with our science-based targets and the 1.5 °C commitment against climate change. Our means to reduce CO2 emissions are the extended use of renewable energy, environmental improvement actions in our production processes and facilities and investments in own energy generation by for example solar power systems and ground heat. We have also set a 20% reduction target in water-scarce operations by 2030.

The biggest environmental impacts of Metso Outotec’s solutions are generated when in use in the customer processes. Our sustainable solutions help our customers improve energy efficiency and emissions, water efficiency, circularity and safety. To learn more go to Offering and innovations

Environmental responsibility: Key performance indicators

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