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Press Release November 7, 2013 01:00:00 PM CET

Outotec's sustainability report awarded Readers' Choice in both Investor and Student categories


Outotec's sustainability report awarded Readers' Choice in both Investor and Student categories

Outotec received for the second consecutive year Readers' Choice award in the competition evaluating the corporate responsibility reporting of the Finnish companies. This year Outotec's report was awarded both by Investors and Students. Outotec's report made it to the top 10 in the overall competition, too. Economic responsibility and its reported key figures were further emphasized in this year's assessment criteria. The winner was Kesko Oyj.

This year jury appraised that Outotec's report is consistent and concise. "The investors appreciate consistent structure, good tables, and conciseness. Corporate responsibility and its linkage to Outotec's operations are described with ambition, yet in a very concrete way. The best part of the report is, however, the clear and comprehensive description of the company's targets in various areas of sustainability and time spans", said Antti Savilaakso, Director of Responsible Investment & Governance at Nordea. 

"Outotec's report is easy to read, concise and at the same time informative. It includes a vision of corporate responsibility as the core of the business, and it clearly describes the governance and responsibilities related to sustainability. The report conveys the company's commitment to wide corporate responsibility, yet focusing on the most material topics", reasoned a team of students from five universities.

"I am really pleased that our report has been considered as useful and interesting reading by these two demanding audiences. We want to make our report relevant for all our key stakeholders," states Outotec's SVP, Communications and Corporate Responsibility Minna Aila.

The jury had representatives from six organizing parties: Aalto University School of Economics, The Finnish Institute of Authorized Public Accountants, The Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Ministry of the Environment, The Association for Environmental Management (YJY) and The Confederation of Finnish Industries, Finnish Business & Society.

The competition evaluated 140 corporate responsibility reports, including all Nasdaq OMX Helsinki listed companies. The winner was selected among 10 companies who received the highest scores in the evaluation. The competition aims to examine the present state of corporate responsibility reporting and its trends.

Outotec sustainability report is available at www.outotec.com/sustainability.

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