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Stock Exchange Release September 19, 2012 06:53:00 PM CET

Outotec Oyj : Share repurchase 19.9.2012

Outotec Oyj                ANNOUNCEMENT             19.9.2012

Share repurchase 19.9.2012

In the Helsinki Stock Exchange

Trade date 19.9.2012
Bourse trade BUY
Share OTE1V
Amount 110.000 shares
Total cost 4.290.195,66 EUR
Average price/ share 39,0018 EUR
Highest price/ share 39,26 EUR
Lowest price/ share 38,79 EUR

Outotec now holds a total of 249.327 shares
including the shares repurchased on 19.9.2012.

On behalf of Outotec Oyj


Janne Sarvikivi         Ville Hemminki