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Press Release April 27, 2007 01:38:48 PM CET

Outotec to deliver a second gas cleaning plant for Bluewaters Power Station in Australia


Outotec, formerly Outokumpu Technology, has been awarded a contract by IHI Engineering Australia Pty. Ltd. to provide a second flue gas cleaning plant for the new Bluewaters Power Station in Western Australia. The first contract for a similar plant was announced in February this year. The value of these two contracts exceeds EUR 20 million.

The plant will be designed in Australia and its commissioning is expected to take place in 2009.

The flue gas cleaning plant incorporates Outotec's fabric filter gas cleaning technology, which has been successfully applied for a large number of coal-fired boiler power stations and other major industrial plants in Australia.

When coal is burned in a boiler to produce energy, the boiler flue gas entrains large quantities of fine ash residue. In order to protect the environment, this fine ash, known as fly ash, must be thoroughly cleaned from the flue gas before this gas can be further processed or released via the plant chimney. Outotec's fabric filter easily achieves the necessary cleaning efficiency utilizing a unique design which incorporates less wearing parts than are required for conventional equipment, thus providing obvious advantages for long-term maintenance.

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