The objective of remuneration at Metso Outotec is to attract, retain and reward our people. Motivated, customer-oriented, performance-driven and innovative people are the key to success and the successful execution of our strategy.

Remuneration at Metso Outotec

At Metso Outotec we support, develop and encourage our people as individuals and as team members to perform and help us to achieve our vision and targets through successful execution of our strategy. This can be accomplished with excellent performance of our motivated, innovative and customer-oriented people. Total remuneration structures may vary by country and are aligned with the interests of Metso Outotec and with internal and external references. We monitor remuneration levels for similar positions among peer companies.

Remuneration policy

Remuneration policy for Metso Outotec, approved in Outotec’s Annual General Meeting on March 11, 2020, describes remuneration principles and framework for the President and CEO and for the members of the Board of Directors of Metso Outotec. The remuneration policy will also be applied to any deputy CEO should such deputy be appointed.

Remuneration policy is in line with Metso Outotec’s remuneration principles, Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2020 issued by Finnish Securities Market Association, and the requirements set forth by the amended EU Shareholders’ Rights Directive, which has been implemented in Finland mainly into the Limited Liability Companies Act, Securities Markets Act, Decree of the Ministry of Finance.

Remuneration policy is available here.

Remuneration report

Metso Outotec’s remuneration report is developed in line with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2020 issued by the Securities Market Association. Remuneration report is a way for Metso Outotec to transparently and openly illustrate how the Board of Directors and President and CEO were rewarded during the reporting period.

Remuneration Report 2021 is available here.