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Board of Directors

The general objective of the Board of Directors is to direct Metso Outotec's business and strategies in a manner that secures a significant and sustained increase in the value of the company for its shareholders.

Board in general

Metso Outotec’s Board consists of five to ten members, whom the Annual General Meeting elects for a term that lasts until the end of the next Annual General Meeting. According to the Finnish Act on Personnel Representation in the Administration of Undertakings, a personnel representative participates in the meetings as an invited expert with no voting rights or legal liability for the Board’s decisions. There is no specific order of appointment of Board members. The members of the Board are expected to act as a resource and to offer their expertise and experience for the benefit of the company.

The Board is convened by the Chair, or if the Chair is unavailable, by the Vice Chair. The Board has a quorum when more than half of the members are present and one of these is the Chair or the Vice Chair. A decision of the Board shall be carried by a majority of those present or, in the case of a tie, the Chair shall have the casting vote. Metso Outotec’s President and CEO as well as CFO participate in the Board meetings, and the General Counsel acts as Secretary of the Board. Other Metso Outotec Executive Team members and other executives participate in the meetings when needed.

Metso Outotec Board of Directors

The Metso Outotec Board consists of Kari Stadigh as Chair, Klaus Cawén as the Vice Chair and Christer Gardell, Antti Mäkinen, Ian W. Pearce, Emanuela Speranza and Arja Talma as members.

Committees of Metso Outotec Board of Directors

Arja Talma acts as the Chair and Klaus Cawén, Ian W. Pearce and Emanuela Speranza as members of the Audit & Risk Committee.

Antti Mäkinen acts as the Chair and Kari Stadigh and Christer Gardell members of the Remuneration and HR Committee.


Metso Outotec Board Charter

Metso Outotec Audit & Risk Committee Charter

Metso Outotec Remuneration and HR Committee Charter