Rewards and benefits

Satu in Metso Outotec Espoo office

Metso Outotec ensures equal and fair treatment to all employees in different parts of the world. We have open communication about compensation to our employees. We use a global job leveling system, in which each job level matches the demands of the role. These job levels serve as a basis for our compensation model. In addition to the job level, the compensation is based on performance, relevant market and industry practices, ethics and local statutory compliance. We have global incentive programs that encourage and reward individual and team performance. The individual and team performance targets are always tied to business targets.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of local benefits in all our countries. Local benefits can be for example medical care, bonuses, sports and culture, personnel funds, pro bono work opportunities, flexible working conditions, meal benefit, car benefit, opportunity for job rotation etc. All benefits vary by location.

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