Employee engagement

Our voice engagement survey marker
We consider people as our most valuable asset. One way to invest in our employees is our engagement survey, Our voice. Based on the survey feedback we aim to develop our workplace on an individual, team and company level. Regarding the survey, we promote continuous listening and transparent feedback culture. Our voice survey is organized few times a year, to ensure that we always have up-to-date knowledge about our people and their wellbeing. We care about our people’s wellbeing and we also believe that engaged employees make the best results.
Employees discussing survey results

In 2020 survey, participation rate was 88% and more than 60000 open comments were given. This indicates that our people are interested in contributing in making Metso Outotec the best place to work. After each survey round, teams go through their own results and plan development actions accordingly.  Our voice is also an excellent way for our leaders to receive feedback and use it to develop themselves as leaders. When it comes to strategic company level results, the senior management is responsible for the development actions. The most important part of the survey process is the development that follows.

Our overall engagement score is well above the industry benchmark. We are doing especially well when it comes to professional growth opportunities and peer relationships. Our voice also indicated that Metso Outotec values are aligned with our employees’ personal values. Additionally, we scored high in safety, which is one of our top priorities.