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Working at Metso Outotec
Growth is a fundamental part of our culture. We encourage each other to continuously learn, build on the qualities we have within ourselves, and realize our potential. To support growth and an inclusive and motivating work environment, we have different programs and processes in place. In these pages you can find more information how we value well-being of our people & believe in giving and receiving feedback, how we measure and support engagement and how we reward our people.

Well-being of our people is a priority, and we are constantly finding ways to improve it. We believe well-being is a joint effort: the organization, the leader and the employees all play a crucial role. We use the engagement survey to keep track of how our employees are doing and feeling and to see how we can further support the well-being of our people. We train our leaders to support the well-being of their team and encourage them to have continuous dialogue about well-being with team members. We also offer many resources, for instance trainings on the topic; for example resilience, recovery skills and managing workload

We recognize the impact of psychological safety on well-being: safe environment where everybody is able to speak up and ask for help without the fear of negative consequences is a pre-requisite for mental well-being. Therefore, we have trained many of our employees to be certified psychological safety trainers. In addition to the global initiatives, many of the well-being activities are arranged locally. Activities vary from well-being weeks, webinars, walking challenges to more creative initiatives such as the mental health veggie garden on the site.


We consider people as our most valuable asset. To help us hear and understand our people’s opinions, feelings and challenges, we organize a regular engagement survey (currently quarterly). Based on the survey feedback we develop our workplace on a company, team and individual level. After each survey round the results are reviewed and action plans conducted. On a strategic company level, the senior management reviews the results and plans for the development actions. On the team level, the team manager goes through the team’s results together with the team planning development actions according to the results and discussion. The survey is an excellent way for our leaders to receive feedback and use it to develop themselves as leaders. We now also have a new feature that allows an employee themself to see their own dashboard and to follow their own engagement progress. This is very important for self-reflection and understanding of own well-being. In our latest surveys, our overall engagement rate has been continuously well above the industry benchmark and the participation rate has been at a very high level.

Feedback culture
Feedback culture

We believe in continuous feedback and in open dialogue between managers and employees. We aim to be agile in the way we set targets and review performance. We call the continuous dialogue each employee has with their line manager: ‘Growth dialogue’. It is a systematic approach based on continuous dialogue and it focuses on development of the employee. Our goal is efficient target setting, identifying strengths and development areas and growth opportunities. This approach helps managers in understanding of employee’s overall situation, well-being and career aspirations to be able to help in different steps of employee’s career and life.

In addition to manager feedback, important part of our feedback culture is peer feedback and support. We encourage our people to give feedback to others and request feedback of their own work from those they work with. We believe that it is important to celebrate successes of teams and individuals and to recognize work well done. We also believe it is equally important to bring up issues and to discuss about development areas in a constructive and supportive way.

Rewards and benefits

Metso Outotec ensures equal and fair treatment to our people in different parts of the world. We have open communication about compensation to our employees. We use a global job leveling system, in which each job level matches the demands of the role. These job levels serve as a basis for our compensation model. In addition to the job level, the compensation is based on performance, relevant market and industry practices, ethics and local statutory compliance. We have global incentive programs that encourage and reward individual and team performance. The individual and team performance targets are always tied to business targets. Additionally, we offer a wide range of local benefits in all our countries. Local benefits can be for example medical care, bonuses, sports and culture, personnel funds, pro bono work opportunities, flexible working conditions, meal benefit, car benefit, opportunity for job rotation etc. All benefits vary by location.

More information on our Fair pay practices on Diversity & Inclusion.

Diversity and inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion
We are committed to developing Metso Outotec into a workplace where diversity and inclusion are embedded into our culture, fostered and promoted.