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Metso Outotec pre-configured feeding solutions

Increasing the efficiency of your project through immediate availability of the data you need
Looking for 3D models and drawings that will help optimize your project flowsheet transition into a plant layout then ultimately to equipment specifications? Here is your solution! Metso Outotec is streamlining your ability to find STP, DWG, General Arrangements (GA) and more data from Metso Outotec's pre-configured feeding solutions without having to contact a representative.

Increasing your efficiency through resource availability

Metso Outotec Feeding solutions has over 125 years of experience in delivering industry leading equipment. With our proven and robust designs, Metso Outotec feeders provide unmatched availability to enable maximum productivity.

Metso Outotec's pre-configured feeding solutions portfolio was developed to enable faster selection and implementation, increasing the overall efficiency of the process from planning to installation compared to a fully customized solution.

In understanding customer needs, this is why we developed this page. To provide readily available data that can be directly used during the selection process.

If you do require any assistance, or have any questions about your own operation, please use the form at the bottom of the page to contact us.

Need help with the sizing and model selection of your feeder?
Click the 'Download' link and receive a copy of our application datasheet. Send your completed application datasheet to apron.feeders@mogroup.com for your free consultation!
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